Could the next lunar mission come from Africa?

The project has been proposed by the Foundation for Space Development South Africa, a non-profit based in Cape Town that seeks to increase awareness around space education and research. The Africa2Moon Mission aims to raise enough money through support and donations to send a probe to the Moon within a decade.

Third Annual SASA Congress

Second Annual SASA Congress

SASA proudly hosted its second annual congress in Cape Town on the 11th and 12th of October 2012. Read More...

Launch of Women in Aerospace Africa

IAC Hosted in Africa for the First Time

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) was hosted in Africa for the first time after 62 years.
The City of Cape Town, South Africa hosted approximately 3000 delegates from the international space arena.

50 years_ JFK Historic Moon Speech

25 May 2011...It has been 50 years today… since JFK gave his historic speech which finally led to the Apollo Lunar landings

50th Anniversary of Mankind in Space

On the 12th April 2011 it was the 50th Anniversary of the first man in space

First SASA Student Chapter at UCT

The UCT Chapter of SASA hosted it's first meeting this week. The meeting served as a time to introduce the society's founder Dayne Kemp and members to the space arena and to provide them with information about SASA itself. Read More...

eSpace Newsletter launched

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First Annual SASA Congress

Sumbandilasat Successfully Launched

SumbandilaSat was successfully launched on 17 September at 17:55:09 CAT (Central African Time). The satellite was released form the rocket while over the Antarctic and accessed by the ground station at the Stellenbosch University ten minutes later when the first command was sent to “wake up” the satellites. Despite the low elevation orbit of less than 10 degrees SumbandilaSat responded well with its first telemetry

Launch of the South African Space Association