Space Commercial Services

Space Commercial Services Holdings (Pty) Ltd (SCS) provides advanced engineering services, decision making information and operational solutions using space and other advance technologies.

The satellite technology program development, implementation and procurement support for satellite programs include a joint team approach with system engineering, requirements analysis, program management, engineering and operational optimisation.

Our decision making solutions are focused on the processes that support the wellbeing of people, risk assessment, economic development and operational improvement of business and government.

The products and services are provided to government agencies, business and consumers in emerging economies. SCS serves its international customer base from offices located in South Africa and Ethiopia.

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Denel Overberg Test Range

Denel Overberg Test Range (OTR), a division of the South African industrial group Denel, is a well-established, fully integrated multipurpose test facility near the southernmost tip of Africa, with its core business the in-flight testing of advanced guided and aviation systems for the local and international aerospace industries - the premier facility of its kind in Africa.
The experience gained from hundreds of tests since its establishment in the mid-eighties has confirmed the Test Range’s ability to manage and execute any combination of air, ground and sea flight tests. With key features like an unrestricted test arena with appropriate topography; an instrumentation suite with ISO9001:2008 quality certification, a variety of target services and guaranteed security of test data Denel Overberg Test Range offers a professional, cost-effective turn-key solution to its clients.

In addition to the Test Range’s proven track record, its availability throughout the year, mild Mediterranean weather conditions, optimized test execution doctrines, instrumentation deployment flexibility and experienced professionals make Denel Overberg Test Range one of the best in the world.

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Space Advisory Company

Space Advisory Company (SAC) delivers program management and systems engineering services for multifaceted space hardware development and satellite system acquisition programs. We recognize that effective program management and execution combined with key in-house systems engineering and technical capability leads to accelerated and cost effective program implementation, improved quality and reliability, optimized utilization and revenue return. This will be achieved in a framework of effective global collaboration.

Given the strength and experience of Space Advisory Company’s four-tier structure comprising of Program Development and Management, Systems Engineering and Functional Area Specialists, combined with established relationships with major role players locally and abroad, we are ideally situated to understand, define and assist with management of space acquisition projects in its entirety. Taking into consideration our advisory role, we can source best of class solutions from various suppliers, ensuring unbiased and optimized program execution.

Space Advisory Company establishes each program to be customer centric. Program Management and Systems Engineering processes are defined and managed to suit the customers’ needs, quality requirements and financial constraints. Client participation from the program management level down to realization and system calibration is encouraged, along with appropriate levels of technology transfer and infrastructure establishment.

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Denel Dynamics

Denel Dynamics is part of the Denel Group, South Africa’s largest manufacturer of defence equipment,. A leader in advanced systems engineering technology, Denel Dynamics’ core business covers tactical missiles, precision-guided weapons, unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAVS), integrated air defence and related technology solutions. The business is situated in Irene, near Pretoria and employs approximately 800 people (64% of its employees are technically highly qualified and world-class experts in their specialised fields). Denel Dynamics has successfully developed, produced, integrated and supported electronic and mechanical engineering systems since 1963, establishing a sound technology base and infrastructure along the way.

In terms of operations and execution, Denel Dynamics has reached a stage of maturity that international business consultants CapGemini consider to be ‘reaching the level of international best practice, even best in class in some areas’. The organisation’s wide range of products, world-class facilities, excellent customer support record and a formalised quality control system (Denel Dynamics is ISO-listed), add up to an impressive capability.

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