The South African Space Association provides a forum for space professionals to interact and exchange ideas. This is a membership-based professional association which will seek accreditation with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) and collaboration with other international space societies.

As with other professional associations, various grades of membership have been established, with the highest grades limited to those individuals who have made leading contributions to the development of the space arena in South Africa.

Functions of the Association
  • To act as a source of specialist information and advice to government and to the public on space-related issues.
  • To serve as a forum for information exchange among space professionals in South Africa.
  • To link with similar national and international space fora elsewhere.
  • To build capacity in the scientific, technical, legal, policy and public education aspects of the South African space arena.
  • To provide networking opportunities for students as well as young and established space professionals.
  • To provide a forum where space professionals and companies can pursue employment and recruitment possibilities.
  • To provide study and vocational training opportunities in a wide range of disciplines supporting the space arena in SA.
  • Promote public awareness of the importance of space science & technology.
  • Development of young space professionals

An important aspect of the Association’s work is to provide a platform from which students and junior professionals can develop their presentation and professional skills in a supportive environment among their peers. The opportunity to participate in professional development programmes will be invaluable in creating a capable workforce to ensure the future success of the local space industry . To this end international exposure will be sought and existing contacts renewed. The Association will also seek to develop credibility as an advisory body through consultation with specialists and the provision of expertise to clients in the space business. A mentorship programme will complement this idea and ensure sustainable activity over the long term.

Another important function of the South African Space Association is to represent industry players, helping to point them in appropriate directions. A strong professional network and contacts database will assist industry players to get in touch with potential partners and information.

Member of the International Astronautical Federation