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The leading platform for industry, academia and civil society to engage in the South African space arena incorporating education, research, space awareness, policy, science and technology issues


For the past fifty years South Africa has played an important role in the ‘Space Race’ and has now come into its own with its own Space Agency. In 2008, the South African cabinet approved the establishment of a South African Space Agency to act as an institutional vehicle for the coordination and implementation of national space science and technology programmes.

The application of space technology is becoming an increasingly important element in South African policies, including transport, agriculture, environment, safety and security.
South Africa has accumulated most of the essential elements to support a national space programme. There is consolidation in infrastructure and human capital requirements so that the country can develop a comprehensive set of space capabilities to meet its needs.

However, the South African space arena is much broader than activities linked to government.The time has come to establish a non-governmental forum to engage with government on a wide range of space science and technology issues.

The South African Space Association acts as a platform to engage industry, academia, the professions and civil society at large with various space science and technology issues.



Making A Difference Together

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This tier encompasses private businesses within the space industry.

This tier encompasses educational and research institutions.

Individuals who are established professionals involved in any aspect of the space arena. Eligibility for membership is not prescribed by the candidate’s professional discipline, but rather by the contribution of that person to the advancement of the space arena in South Africa. Hence, eminent authors, journalists and artists who have made a contribution to the public awareness of space science and technology could also be eligible for election to the Membership.

Retired Members:
Individuals qualifying as members whose official status is retired.

Young Space professionals:
Graduates (under the age of 30 years) employed within the South African space arena. Young Space Professionals are full Members. The only distinction is that they would pay a lower membership fee. In the year that they turn 30, they would pay the full membership fee.

Student Members:
Individuals currently registered at a South African Tertiary Educational Institution.

Honorary Members:
Individuals who have made long-term contribution to the Association. Honorary Members do not pay membership fees.

Individuals who have made a highly significant, professional contribution to the development of the space arena in South Africa. The number of Fellows admitted in a given year would be fixed to (say) no more than five. This would be regarded as a rare honour. Fellows would be inducted at an annual banquet.

For Further information: membership@spacesa.org

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